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Top 15 Attributes for the Design of Advanced Health Dashboards

Melina Malkani, High School Student, Bullis School Eesha Madan, College Student, George Washington University Arav Madan, High School Student, Basis Neel Singh, High School Student, Landon School Harman Sabharwal, High School Student, St. Stevens & St Anges

Poster # 3

Health informaticians have developed and enhanced public-facing health dashboards worldwide. The improvement of dashboards implemented by health informaticians will ultimately benefit the public in making better healthcare decisions and improve population-level healthcare outcomes. The incorporation of advanced technology within dashboards such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and analysis of big data may further enhance public healthcare dashboards. The authors evaluated 150 US city, county, and state government health dashboards. They plan to identify the top 10-15 best practices for creating public health dashboards.These features include 1) predictive analytics with artificial intelligence 2) ease of navigation, 3) high usability, 4) use of adjustable thresholds, 5) use of diverse chart selection, 6) compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, 7) use of charts with tabulated data, 8) incorporated user feedback, 9) simplicity of design, 10) adding clear descriptions for charts, 11) comparison of data with other entities, 12) storytelling of the data and trends 13) historical data comparison 14) mobile compatibility 15) consistency of data presentation, 16) simplicity of design.To support their findings, the authors also conducted a survey of 118 randomly selected individuals in six states and the District of Columbia that supports these top 15 best practices for the design of health dashboards. The next survey will be over 150 participants and will further explore healthcare dashboards with features such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, statistics, data analysis, and use of big data.

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