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Best Practices for COVID-19 Dashboards

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Malkani, Dillon, Bullis School Malkani, Melina, Bullis School Singh, Neel, Landon School Madan, Eesha, BASIS Independent School McLean

Health informaticians develop and enhance health dashboards for public, for-profit and commercial entities. By understanding the best practices for the design specifically of COVID-19 Dashboards, informaticians will be able to enhance public-facing Dashboards that will help the public make better health decisions and ultimately improve population-level healthcare outcomes. The authors evaluated 50 County and State COVID-19 Dashboards around the United States and identified the top ten best practices to be considered when creating a dashboard. The features they found most useful are [1] navigation, [2] usability, [3] adjustable thresholds, [4] diverse chart selection, [5] Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, [6] tabulated data added into charts, [7] user feedback, [8] simplicity, [9] description, and [10] comparison between counties. The authors also conducted a survey of 60 individuals in Maryland supporting their findings for the top ten best practices for the design of COVID-19 dashboards. In summary, health dashboards to include COVID-19 dashboards should incorporate best practices in order to better communicate health information (i.e. vaccination booster rates) and in turn improve population-level healthcare outcomes.

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