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Qian Cong, PhD


Assistant Professor, Eugene McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development

Southwestern Medical Foundation Scholar in Biomedical Research

UT Southwestern Medical Center


Qian Cong is an assistant professor in the McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development at UT Southwestern. Dr. Cong's research focused on evolutionary genomics as a graduate student in the Grishin lab and worked on computational structure biology as a postdoctoral fellow in the Baker lab. Leveraging on expertise in genomics, evolution and protein structure modeling, Dr. Cong works on predicting protein-protein interaction (PPI) and modeling protein complex structures on a proteome-wide scale based on coevolution signal between proteins. The Cong Lab has been applying the methods they developed and the knowledge gained about genome and protein evolution to systems of biomedical importance. Going forward, through collaborations with other labs and establishing an experimental component in my lab, Dr. Cong wants to develop a research program to combine evolutionary perspectives, large-scale data, Deep Learning methods, and experimental validations to make biological discoveries about the functional mechanisms of human proteins and pathogenetic factors of infectious bacteria and viruses. 

(Source: UT Southwestern)

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