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Nilanjan Chatterjee, PhD


Dr. Chatterjee is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at the Department of Biostatistics, Bloomberg School of Public Health and Department of Oncology School of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, he led the Biostatistics Branch of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics of the US National Cancer Institute during 2008-2015. He is known for foundational and methodological contributions to multiple areas of modern biomedical data science, including large scale analysis of genetic associations, gene-environment interactions and predictive model building by synthesis of information from multiple data sources.  His collaborative research has led to understanding of genetic architecture and role of gene-environment interactions in the etiology of a variety of cancers. He has received numerous prestigious national and international awards, including the Mortimer Spiegelman Award (2010) from the American Public Health Association, both the President’s and the Snedecor Award from the Committee of the Presidents of the Statistical Society (2011), Myrto Lefkopoulou Distinguished Lecture (2013) from the Department of Biostatistics Harvard School of Public Health and Norman Breslow Distinguished Lecture (2017) from the Department of Biostatistics University of Washington, Seattle. He serves on the scientific advisory committee of the Radiation Effect Research Foundation, Hiroshima Japan and Population and Prevention Research Committee of the foundation of Cancer Research UK.

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